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Nothing is more important than the safety of our children. Our team of highly trained former US Secret Service Agents will design and train your staff on an emergency and critical incident response plan customized for your school, child care center, or business.


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Site Assessment

A consultant will inspect your site and provide a customized assessment of the location.
Every aspect of your site will be analyzed to determine potential vulnerabilities: access controls, cover and concealment, power and utility issues. A detailed Site Assessment is provided describing the strengths, weaknesses, and individual characteristics of your site.

Emergency Preparedness Planning

Our consultant will assist your organization in developing an Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP). The EPP will include evacuation policies, lock down procedures, and other loss mitigation strategies.

Critical Incident Response Training

Our consultant will come to your place of business and train the staff on the particulars of their site and EPP. This includes hands on instruction of how to scenarios including active shooter, hostage situation, child abduction, bomb threats and other critical incidents.

Our Services

Schools & Child Care Centers

Site Assessment

SEC consultants will visit the site and conduct a comprehensive Site Vulnerability Assessment. This assessment will identify any gaps in security and preparedness in both physical security and policies and procedures. SEC will identify area vulnerabilities and offer solutions to mitigate any noted vulnerabilities. SEC will also identify components necessary for building a custom emergency plan such as relocation sites, and medical facilities.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

SEC consultants will build a comprehensive plan custom to your site. This plan will include procedures for Evacuation, Shelter in Place, Lock Out, Lock Down and Reunification. SEC will include hazard specific protocols for over 20 different emergencies or critical incidents. SEC’s plans are completely custom and will exceed any requirements for planning based on State Law or Licensing.

Critical Incident Training

A plan is only as good as they people implementing it. SEC will conduct an in depth critical incident training with your staff. This training will cover key elements of your new emergency preparedness plan as well as other emergency response related topics such as; physiological response, threat assessment, prevention strategies, and targeted violence attacks. Training is the most crucial piece of any comprehensive emergency preparedness and security program.


Site Assessment

SEC consultants will conduct an in depth vulnerability assessment to identify any gaps or weakness in physical security measures, environmental hazards, and policy and procedure improvements as they relate to security. SEC will examine continuity of operations preparedness and evaluate risks to executives, employees and other stakeholders. During the site assessment SEC will gather information crucial to developing a comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

Protecting your business with an emergency plan is crucial. SEC will develop a custom and comprehensive set of emergency procedures including procedures for Evacuation, Shelter in Place, and Lock Down. SEC will develop procedures for numerous emergencies including workplace violence, active shooter, explosions etc.

Critical Incident Training

SEC will conduct training on the new emergency procedures with staff. SEC will focus on concepts of targeted violence in the workplace and provide practical solutions to staff for prevention of workplace violence and other targeted violence attacks.

Churches and Faith Based Institutions

Site Assessment

SEC will conduct a comprehensive site vulnerability assessment to include the physical operations of the site, and any services or ancillary activities that occur on the site. If applicable SEC will observe the operations of any safety or security team members. SEC will gather information necessary for creating a comprehensive and custom emergency preparedness plan. SEC will provide an executive summary detailing any deficiencies noted and suggestions for mitigation.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

SEC will build a custom and detailed emergency plan for both general operations and safety and security team operations.

Critical Incident Training

SEC will conduct an in depth multi hazard training for staff on their emergency plan and provide guidance on response to a number of faith based institution threats. SEC will provide instruction on threat assessment, targeted violence in faith based institutions, and prevention strategies. SEC will provide detailed security response training to any safety and security team members to include hands on scenarios.

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Our Mission is to Provide Presidential-Level Protection for Your Children

— founder, Jason Russell —



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The SEC Team

SEC’s specialized Site vulnerability assessment, Emergency Planning, and Critical Incident training was developed and is delivered by our staff of former US Secret Service agents with over 100 years of combined experience at the highest level of security and law enforcement.

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Under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training. That’s why we train so hard

— Anonymous Navy Seal —

Our Clients

Finagle’s Law states, “Anything that can go wrong, will—at the worst possible moment.” And while no one can prevent all emergencies, you certainly can be prepared for when the unexpected happens.  Our clients are trained by the best and are prepared for the worst.  Contact us today to put our experience to work for you.

What our Clients say

  • Thank you once again for your presentation and training of our staff. Not only are we, as the owners, grateful of the knowledge given us, but our staff expressed true gratitude for giving them the knowledge and training to cope with what had been considered a scenario where little could be done. Your input on our site, policies, procedures and regular training will make a world of difference should a crisis arise. God bless you guys and keep going!!

    — Ken Johnsson - Owner, Child's World Academy - Monroe, CT & Peekskill, NY —
  • CCLC strives to offer the best child care and preschool program for our families. The safety of our children is our top priority. When I first learned of Secured Education Consultants, I new that it was an agency that I wanted to research further to learn more about the services that they offer. Our partnership with SEC helps to ensure that the children in our program are in the safest environment under the care of professionally trained early childhood educators. Our extra security measures provide comfort to our parents by knowing that their children are safe while in our care.

    — Kristy Pomper - Creative Child Learning Centers —
  • SEC have completed their assessments and trainings at our schools and we give them an A+  We laughed, we cried, and when it was all over we all felt that our lives had been changed for the better in a huge way.  We do a LOT of trainings but never has one been better received by staff, despite the fact that they were on beautiful Saturday mornings and afternoons.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    — Gerry Pastor - Owner, Educational Playcare —
  • The greatest responsibility we have is to ensure we maintain a safe and secure environment for the children and our staff. We have chosen to work with the security experts at SEC to go above and beyond to ensure we are prepared and our facilities are as safe and secure as possible.

    — Bill & Molly Sample - Owners, Kids 'R' Kids #54 —
  • Milestones was extremely happy with the level of professionalism and expertise of Secure Education Consultants. The plan that we have in place is more comprehensive and detailed that we could have imagined and the staff thoroughly enjoyed the training. Our families feel safer leaving their children in our care knowing that in an emergency we know what to do. As an owner I feel good offering my customers and staff a plan and training that truly makes us safer and more prepared.

    — Kelly - Owner, Milestones Child Development Centers —
  • As coordinator of a safety team that has been in place for close to 10 years, I would highly recommend SEC training to any team desiring to “up their game”.  They deliver a training package that will enhance your awareness, and teach you, through exercises, the proper response to a host of scenarios.  If you are looking to train personnel, why not use a company with high credentials, field experience, and a passion for sharing?

    — Rick Koning - Coordinator of Safety, Peace Church —
  • Milestones Child Development Centers’ #1 priority is the safety & security of the children in our care. Without it, fulfilling our mission and reaching our goals of creating meaningful relationships with families and providing high quality early childhood education simply would not be possible.  By partnering with Secure Education Consultants, we have been able to greatly improve, expand, and enhance the level of safety & security within our classrooms and Center. The work of SEC throughout the entire implementation phase has been marked with the highest levels of professionalism, expertise, and knowledge. 

    — Andrea - Program Director, Milestones CDC Caledonia —
  • “BOOM! You guys nailed it…!.”

    — Director, Sherman Lake YMCA —
  • Jason Russell and the Secure Education Consultants team have been an invaluable resource to and partner of Grand Rapids Christian Schools in strengthening the security of our five school campuses and our faculty’s understanding of how to respond appropriately to crisis situations. SEC provides comprehensive support in all aspects of emergency preparedness – from meaningfully securing a building itself to effectively equipping faculty with practical strategies to respond to crisis situations. I applaud SEC for the relevance and practicality of its approach and highly recommend the SEC team to any organization that desires to strengthen its security measures

    — Tom DeJonge - Superintendent, Grand Rapids Christian Schools —
  • “This was by far the best training our staff has received in regards to safety and security. The training that Jason and his team provided far exceeded our expectations.”

    — Dr. Mike Shibler – Superintendent, Rockford Public Schools —
  • “The personal connection that SEC consultants make with our staff during some controversial security topics made this opportunity for our staff the best professional development we have had in years.”

    — Dr. Douglas VanderJagt – Assistant Superintendent, Rockford Public Schools —
  • “I have been absolutely amazed at the improvements we have made in our level emergency preparedness since dealing with SEC. This has been done at our schools across the country and SEC has made these improvements seamless and become an integral part of our culture. SEC handles emergency planning and training for all our schools as well as ongoing consulting that has helped us increase our enrollments.”

    — Dave Brooke – COO, Endeavor Schools —
  • “SEC conducted vulnerability assessments and designed new emergency protocols for Flexfab’s 4 US locations. SEC trained hundreds of our employees and I was consistently thanked by employees for bringing them into our company. We continue to work with SEC regularly to make more improvements in our emergency preparedness.”

    — Matthew DeCamp – CEO, Flexfab —
  • We searched for two years to find someone to help us navigate the murky waters of “church security.”  Our experience with SEC made it worth the wait.  We look forward to having a long-term relationship with Jason and his team.

    From our initial meeting, through their very thorough survey of our facility and evaluation of our existing safety practices, to an incredibly valuable day of practical training, we were consistently impressed with Jason and SEC’s team of professionals.

    — Fred Langeland – Kalamazoo Community Church —
  • I have had the privilege and honor of working with SEC since 2013.  Jason and his team provide hands-on training and on-going support, making emotional and challenging topics more approachable. We now have a comprehensive plan in place specifically designed for our campus and local emergency personnel. Planning goes beyond the perimeter of the campus. The commitment to student safety and invaluable expertise afforded by SEC has been a gift to FMS.

    — Karen Kolb - Executive Director,Foothills Montessori School —


If you're interested in learning more about how SEC can help protect your children, your families, or your employees contact us. A member of our highly trained team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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