As a virtual version of the SEC security certification, this online offering is an easy and cost-effective way to certify your school at your own pace. The certification entails two parts: a virtual site assessment — including a 360-degree review of your facilities, tailored best practices and a findings report — and online staff training — including self-paced video lessons, best practices for emergency scenarios and the fundamentals of school safety and security.

Virtual Site Assessment

The virtual site assessment consists of a virtual meeting between one of our SEC consultants and at least one member of your leadership team. Our consultant will lead you through a series of questions regarding security features, operational policy and emergency procedures relating to your particular facility. The consultant will provide tailored feedback on best practices and recommendations specific to your facilities.


Taught by one of SEC’s Secret Service veterans, this easy to navigate course can be completed at your staff convenience from their own computers. Videos, readings and regular quizzes give your staff security fundamentals so they can respond during an emergency situation. Admins can track how much of their staff has completed the certification, ensuring safety and security are fully immersed throughout the school. 

Benefits of Partnering with SEC

  • Safety and security identified as #1 reason for families choosing centers

  • True marketing differentiator showing unwavering commitment to safety

  • Co-branded marketing materials providing clients with clear benefits of the partnership

  • Increased enrollment in centers that have partnered with SEC

  • Monthly safety and security topics published by SEC to benefit the center, staff, and families available for your redistribution to parents

Safety – A Safe Investment

  • Comprehensive virtual security assessment by expert former Secret Service agents

  • Staff fully trained in response by former Secret Service, resulting in increased employee satisfaction and retention.

  • Piece of mind and comfort knowing all staff members will know what to do

  • Typically costs less than ½ of one full time enrollment per year; partnership pays for itself with one new enrollment

  • SEC Consultant available 24/7 for ongoing safety and security assistance for you, staff, and parents

SEC Certification is a comprehensive program to ensure your school is prepared to respond to any emergency. Besides the immediate benefits of security certification for your facility and team, SEC certification gives peace of mind to students, staff and parents. Moreover, SEC certification is a powerful competitive value-add for your organization; it pays for itself if certification attracts a single new family to your school or childcare. 

Certification lasts for a full calendar year and includes 24/7 security support from our experts, additional security materials, and an SEC certification badge for your website or marketing materials.